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Niklas Ek and Luciana Savignano in “

L’anarchiste Couronné” from “Héliogabale” by

Maurice Béjart

– photo by Serge Lido, January 1977

Patrice Touron, Monet Robier, Maurice Béjart, and Jorge Donn in “Notre Faust” –

Ballet Du XXe Siècle – photo by Serge Lido in “Ballet Dans le Monde: Formes Nouvelles, 1977 


Maurice Béjart (1 January 1927 – 22 November 2007) in Notre Faust, a spectacle in two parts, by Maurice Béjart. Variations on a theme by Goethe. Music by J-S Bach and Argentine tangos. Set decoration: Thierry Bosquet. Created at the Théâtre Royal de la Monnaie, Bruxelles. 12 December, 1975 by Le Ballet du XXe Siècle. Photo by Serge Lido.


Vladimir Vasiliev – photo from Dance Magazine Archives


Bolshoi dancers Ekaterina Maximova (1 February 1939 – 28 April 2009) and her husband Vladimir Vassiliev (born 18 April 1940) – photo by Serge Lido


Vladimir Vassiliev (born April 18, 1940) – Danseur Étoile Bolshoi Ballet – étude for a new ballet. Paris, April 1977. Photo by Serge Lido.

Patrick Dupond – photo by Serge Lido in Ballet dans le Monde: Formes Nouvelles, 1977

Nikolai Fadeyechev (born 27 January 1933) in “Swan Lake” – Bolshoi Ballet – photo by Serge Lido. Published in “Ballet 8″ by Serge Lido, 1958.

Georges Goviloff AKA Georges Golovine (10 August 1932 – 30 December 2014) – Danseur Étoile with the Marquis de Cuevas International Ballet – photo by Serge Lido, 1958

Horst Krause, Georg Volk, and Gisela Rochow in “Othello.”  Ballet by Erika Hanka. Music by Boris Blacher. Scenery and costumes by Rudolf Schulz. Choreography by Yvonne Georgi. Presented by The Hanover Ballet at the Monte-Carlo Theatre, April 1958. Photo by Serge Lido in “Ballet 8,” 1958.