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Broadway Jazz.

Performed by: Layssa Liebscher and Arthur Santos

Number: “Don’t Be Afraid”

Style: Zouk

From: SBKZ Media (2018)


Performed by: Maxime Zzaoui and Torri Zzaoui

Number: “6 AM”

Improvised by: Maxime Zzaoui and Torri Zzaoui

Style: West Coast Swing

From: “Maxime Zzaoui & Torri Smith, West Coast Swing” (2015)

Performed by: Hayley Erbert and Derek Hough

Number: “Thinking Out Loud”

Style: Rumba

From: Move Live on Tour (2014)


Do the Hustle (1970s)


Actually did this request for real this time lmao; dancing is just my fave thing to draw so I always have a blast doing it   @snakeiis


Luis Jovanne Medina Vélez

Performed by: WilldaBeast Adams, Payton Ali, Jade Chynoweth, Sam Holmberg, Amari Smith, and class

Number: “Yummy/Rake It Up”

Choreographer: Willdabeast Adams

Style: Hip Hop

From: IMMA SPACE (2020)

Performed by: Lindsay Arnold and Artem Chigvintsev

Number: “Santa Maria (Del Buen Ayre)

Style: Argentine Tango

From: BMA Foundation’s Dine and Dance with the Stars 20186