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Jenyne Butterfly; pole dancing.

Jenyne Butterfly; pole dancing.

Performed by: Bobbi Perfection

Performed by: Bobbi Perfection

Number: “Gangsta”

Style: Pole

From: 2017 Pacific Pole Championships

mreidphotography: Aerial Dance Chicago Dancer:…


Aerial Dance Chicago

Dancer: Karen Doyle

Photo by Michelle Reid

Aerial Silks.

I guess bars being my best event in gymnastics…

I guess bars being my best event in gymnastics eventually did come in handy

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Performed by: Ensemble

Performed by: Ensemble

Number: Lyra Act

Choreographers: Darren Charles and Alain Gauthier

Style: Lyra

From: Odysseo by Cavalia (2016)

leousin:LOVE YOUR POLE CHALLENGE Deuxième jour…


Deuxième jour- handspring bicska a 6-os vili végállomásán (Móricz Zsigi körtér).

dakoa:A stroll in the moonlight 🌔 Aerial trap…


A stroll in the moonlight 🌔

Aerial trapeze.

Performed by: Xan Kaplan

Performed by: Xan Kaplan

Number: “Paris is Burning”

Style: Aerial Silks

From: Florida Pole Fitness Championship 2017

Mortal danger makes a GREAT #workout; nothing …

Mortal danger makes a GREAT #workout; nothing to make you engage your core like it’s the only thing keeping you from crashing to the ground. #lyra (at Athletic Playground)

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