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Southern University Fabulous Dancing Dolls 2019-2020 “White Lines”

Jackson State University Prancing J-Settes 2019-2020 “Don’t Leave – Earthquake”

McKinley High School Pantherettes 2019-2020 “Something Loud”

Alabama State University Sensational Stingettes 2019-2020 “Betrayed”


FromtheEyesofAsiaLajuan: Tips for an HBCU danceline audition  [X]

(KeAsiah McLaughlin is a former Eastern SHS Lady Gem and is currently captain of North Carolina A&T Golden Delight.)

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Crystianna summers of murrah high school.

Camryn Harris of southern university- 2019-20 fabulous dancing dolls


J-Sette or J-Setting: is a form of Majorette dance that started with the Prancing J-Sette’s of Jackson Mississippi, the dance line of Jackson State University that did away with traditional baton twirling back in the early 70s; the style has become mainstream and has been featured in music videos like Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” and “Diva” from 2008; more recently hit TV shows like Bring It! on Lifetime Network and The Prancing Elites Project on Oxygen have brought more attention to the style

Majorette: a dance style that encompasses hip hop, ballet, jazz, and lyrical dance styles

A crab, gunky, newbie, rookie: this a way to refer to a member who has yet to complete a season; a person who has just joined the dance line

An old-head: someone who has completed at least one season prior to the current one; a person who has joined the dance prior to the current season, this can be concurrent from season to season or someone who returns after missing a season; syn. veteran, seasoned dancer

Stands, Catch-ons: 8-16 counts of short repetitive dance routines that are performed usually in the bleachers, also known as “stands” of a football stadium, arena, etc.

Bucking, Buck-A-Fool: this pelvic motion is coined term from the Prancing J-Settes; completed from a squatted position with a strong pelvic thrust, rocking the hips backwards and forwards is known as bucking

Field Show: is known as the halftime feature dedicated to a dance line, 2-3 minutes of a marching band’s 10-15 minute halftime performance; the dance line encompasses their own signature majorette style of dance, J-Sette is the name of the style that belongs to the Prancing J-Settes

The Thrill of a Billion Eyes | Jackson State University Prancing J-Settes 2019 “S&M” | #NuThrill